Yoga Classes We Offer

Pain-Free Yoga

Pain-Free Yoga is a gentle yoga. It is perfect for all ages and all levels - anyone can do this yoga.

It was especially created with chronic conditions, emotional and physical trauma, and previous acute injuries, in mind. It is an adjustment yoga, with rehabilitative qualities.

We work to restore range of motion and flexibility. We also learn more about yoga traditions and practices.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a gentle yoga which welcomes all levels. It is a level up from Pain-Free Yoga.

It starts working more flow into the practice and really focus on the breathing. Flows are adapted to your individual level of practice. You can start out as a beginner and increase the intensity all the way to advanced.

While Pain-Free Yoga works to rehabilitate imbalances and pain in the body, Hatha moves you forward. With this yoga, you can begin to strengthen your body and really focus on your breath work. It is a gentle enough to welcome beginners and powerful enough to take you to your next level.

Energy Yoga

Energy Yoga has gentle stretching and is perfect for all physical levels. It is an advanced yoga, in a conceptual sense, since it will challenge your mind more than your body.

There is energy inside each one of us that can be blocked and stagnated by stress, emotional pain, and/or physical injury. This class is about developing positive energy and a healthy vibration that can be sent out to our friends, family, and the entire world.

We frequently do “chakra checks” by using correlating gemstones with each chakra and a pendulum, which can determine blockages. We’ll also use gemstones and there is a 15-minute Savasana with a stone chosen from Kelley’s collection.

We learn more about the traditional, historic, and additional aspects of yoga, such as Face Yoga, Eye Yoga and Hand Yoga (mudras). Kundalini Yoga is represented as well.

*All Yoga Classes are $5 to Drop In and we have class packages that start at $40:

**For all of our yogas, we encourage you to invest in your own mat if you want to create a practice, but we also have mats here for you. Don't forget to bring your water bottles!