Our Mission

We look forward to guiding individuals in finding confidence, self-value, and living a healthy lifestyle, through motivation, education, and well-being.


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Our studio was founded by Kennya.

Behind every wonderful community is positive force visualizing and supporting it.

That's Kennya!

Kennya’s launched the studio in August 2013, but her vision of the studio began way before that.

Read about how she became a motivated CEO, lupus warrior, and community advocate.

Read her story

Meet the Instructors

We love what we do! Seriously, it's true.

When bring to you energy, positvity and fun!

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Kennya is the studio owner, Zumba instructor, yoga instructor, and event coordinator.

When she envisioned the studio, she imagined a community dedicated to non-judgmental personal growth, wellness, dance, and beautiful events.

Now, we have a beautiful community who follows that vision and continues to help create it for others.


Allex is so passionate about everything he does and is an amazying B-Boy style breakdancer!

He has absolutely NO limitations and you can see it when you take his class because he makes handstands and workouts look easy! He is open to exploring all the other dance styles we teach and is excited to share everything he knows.

He's also incredibly happy to share his positive message about the fatherhood experience, so much so that he has coined the term #TwoMakesAFamily.


Cristina is a dog-lover and highly effective, bilingual real estate agent.

She has recently joined the team to bring a cardio experience to our mornings with her Bounce Classes!

Her compassion and generosity shines through in everything she does.

She is excited to share her mornings with us to provide an invigorating, easy-on-the-knees cardio experience with the special shoes.


You may recognize Monica from our many dance performances or as your local veterinarian.

She is a passionate dancer, performer, animal-lover, yoga instructor, and green-living advocate!

She is excited to bring her unique experience as a dancer to her yoga experience.

She is especially focused on supporting you into creating better posture and alignment. Using gentle yoga postures, you'll work to relieve the body of stresses caused by imbalances.


Belinda is a talented dancer, former Zumba instructor, Spanish speaking enthusiast, and yoga instructor.

She is dedicated to her wellness and she fully embodies what it means to vivir con sabor.

You can find her at our studio either taking classes or substituting for one of the other instructors.

If you come to Vivé and feel shy, you will feel absolutely welcomed by her, so say hello!