About Vivé By Design


Every year, we’re inspired to change…

We want better careers.
We want more friends.
We want more con dence.
We want a more organized life.

The problem is, it’s very hard to do it on our own. Sometimes, we could use a little help from our friends. Our mission is to help you move towards your goal whether it be about getting t, getting healthier, learning how to dance, having more con dence, or starting your own business!

At Vivé By Design, we move. Every single positive change we want to create requires movement. So we offer our community tness and dance classes to do just that. Vivé by Design is a working partnership with the studio owner and the instructors. Our vision is to serve the community around us with positive changes in a healthy, happy way. We are a family friend community.

Kennya’s Story

Kennya’s studio launched in August 2013, but her vision of the studio began way before that. During the years of 2008-2009, Kennya had some of the worst experiences of her life.

In 2009, she unexpectedly lost her youngest brother. A short month later, she received more news - she finally had an answer about her health concerns and was diagnosed with Lupus.

Devastated, both emotionally and physically, she felt like giving up on life. She found herself just going through the motions of being a wife and a mother. This went on for a few years, as she mourned the loss of her brother and struggled with the symptoms of her autoimmune disease.

She found a turning point, after finding a Tony Robbins CD set, while organizing the garage one day. She listened to the entire thing. That was the spark of inspiration she needed! She became determined to get in shape and feel better. She started with nutrition and began to move around more. She went on to become a certified Zumba instructor and kept going, knowing that one day she would feel great again.

She realized living her best life meant being in constant movement and feeling more energy. She began encouraging others to determine their own purpose for themselves, and with that, the name of her studio was born. “Vive” means “to live” in Spanish, so Vive by Design means to live with purpose.

In August 2013, Vive by Design opened it’s doors to offer Zumba. In those first three months, Kennya experienced a tremendous physical transformation and increased her energy, exponentially. Her personal goal was reached!

Today, Vive is growing and touching more lives than ever! All members are welcomed like family and inspired to achieve their personal goals. If you’re searching for a positive, family-oriented community to get you in shape and keep you motivated.