• Shalyse Wright-Bethea

  • “There are multiple reasons I love Vive. As a fitness studio, I found a place that had a community built on motivating and supporting each other achieve their fitness and health goals. It’s a great event space for many types of events. The owner herself is a great inspiration and source of support for anyone who walks into Vive.”

  • LaTosha Carter

  • “I love Vivé By Design Fitness and Dance Studio! I love the location! I’m getting fit, becoming healthier and having fun all at the same time. I’m loving every minute of the Zumba classes with Kennya and Total Body Fitness. I love the confidence and new friends I’ve gained! I’m stronger, and I’ve never danced so much in my entire life. Vivé!!!”

  • Alese Morales

  • What’s not to love?! I love the variety of classes offered and the atmosphere in which you learn. Vive is an amazing studio that has inspired my love for dancing. I began taking lessons a year ago for Salsa/Bachata knowing only the basics and now I’m doing spins and turns I never thought I could do! Not only has it been a hub for my love of dancing, but I’ve meet incredible individuals along the way. Vive is exactly what the name means: TO LIVE… and that’s why I love it here!

  • Justine Garza

  • I stumbled across Vive when I moved to Arlington and was looking for salsa classes. Soon I was super involved with all Vive had to offer including Zumba, yoga, Muay Thai kickboxing, dance socials and Latin dance performances! Kennya’s story and spirit are so inspiring and motivating; I loved the time I spent there! For me Vive by Design was so much more than just a fitness center. It’s too bad I had to move away.

  • Ben Harris

  • I’ll try to keep it simple. Vive has opened up a whole new world to me. First, it was salsa, then bachata, but things have deepened since then. The mission behind Vive has been to promote healthy living and healthy choices, and that mission is evident in every interaction I have had with Vive. It is hard to separate how grateful I am for Vive from how privileged I feel to have Kennya as a friend.
    Every instructor I have had at Vive has been not only an expert but also a truly gifted teacher. I have tried things with Vive I would never have tried. I hope to continue to expand my horizons into new, healthy activities and I have Vive and Kennya to thank for setting me on this path. I keep coming back to Vive because there is no studio like it.