Pain-Free Yoga in Arlington, Texas

Pain-Free Yoga is an open invitation and a promise to our community, that if you keep coming to this class you will become pain-free.

This style of yoga was created out of necessity. There needed to be a yoga style attainable for all levels, including people who have been injured before and those who suffer from chronic pain.

What does “Pain-Free Yoga” mean?

Pain-Free is challenging, which is necessary to create a pain-free body.

You will not be doing unattainable poses you may have seen elsewhere.

This class is kind and respectful towards your body and its limitations, and you will always go at your own pace.

What can I expect from this class?

Many poses are done on the floor, but we tailor each class to the needs of the students. Each class will always be therapeutic and doable for all levels.

We ask that you confide in us about any previous injuries, trauma, or chronic conditions, before or during class.

Yoga is never competitive and we always welcome you to take breaks when necessary.

What kind of poses will we do?

We do poses and provide gentle adjustments.

The gentle guidance will help you relax and get the most benefits from each pose.

These adjustments also help you gain awareness of your body and create a stronger mind-body connection.

Please note: If you have injuries or recent surgeries please check with your doctor and talk to Kennya or Marinda to guide you towards the ideal class for you.

I cannot do yoga because I’m not flexible.

We invite you to erase any stereotypes you may have about yoga, and attend this class, at least three times.

It is only $5 to drop in and many students feel the benefits by the third class.

It is truly a therapeutic yoga, which will lead you towards a pain-free lifestyle.

What should I bring to class?

If you have a yoga mat, go ahead and bring it but we also have some here available. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothing and bring your water bottle, too.

Who can take this class?

This class is perfect for all levels, all ages, and all capabilities. It is the most inviting, inclusive yoga you may come across!

Please, message us on Facebook or join our Pain-Free Yoga group if you would like to find out more about us before attending class.